These images are clearly marked as such. All other images are owned by me and I reserve all rights. For more information about UK copyright and the use of copyrighted images please check this LINK

If you want to use an image please contact me at
I also showcase various personal photographic projects. However the images still belong to me. Simply because they exist on the Internet doesn't mean they are available for anyone to take, repost, publish or use as a desktop wallpaper etc. Therefore taking and using my work in any capacity without my express written permission is forbidden and is copyright theft. I will protect my work, in court if necessary. So please don't just take them.
However I'm always happy to discuss letting people use my images. Sometimes people just want a nice wallpaper, a picture for their school project, to help promote their charity project or good cause or any one of many NON commercial uses.
If you ask to use my pictures in this way I'll probably say yes. I may even be able to provide a better higher resolution copy for you. If you want to use my images commercially then please get in touch. Seeing my work displayed on the web and in print is still a thrill, even after many years as a professional. I'm more than happy to discuss sensible fees for my work. They're not expensive - just ask.

Also, I will never publish any of my images, that have been commissioned by a third party without first consulting that party. The only exception to this rule is the publication of these images in my own advertising material, whether it be a brochure or a website. I retain the right to use any image of which I own the copyright for my own advertising purposes. Sometimes I will work for a client where complete ownership of an image and its copyright are transferred to the client. In this case I will never use or publish the image for any purpose whatsoever without the express consent of the client. While I protect my own copyright I also fully respect yours.
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